Ducati T-shirt Borgo Panigale Souvenir Woman Red 20


The new Ducati Borgo Panigale Souvenir Red women’s t-shirt is exclusively online only on AG Motor Store!

Belonging to the new official Ducati 2020 line, the beautiful Ducati Borgo Panigale Souvenir Red women’s t-shirt in 100% cotton looks like a red t-shirt in true Ducati casual style dedicated to the female silhouette highlighted by the side sidecut.

A Ducati half sleeve t-shirt for women with a revisited simple design of the iconic garment of the Ducatiana lifestyle collection, on a red base is embellished with the Ducati writing printed on the front on the design of the desmodromic system that distinguishes the Borgo Panigale red. To recall once again the origin of this excellence in the world of engines, the “Borgo Panigale” print is printed on the front as identification of origin. The back of the shirt, on the other hand, remains neutral for a more minimalist design in red with Borgo Panigale printed in white.

The Ducati Borgo Panigale Souvenir t-shirt is available in male and female versions, in red or black.

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