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Belonging to the new official Ducati 2020 line, the beautiful Ducati Red Shock t-shirt for women looks like a black t-shirt in true Ducati casual style, but enriched by captivating graphics made special by the fluorescent red colors.

The Ducati Red Shock short-sleeved t-shirt for women is made of 92% cotton and 8% elastane, with a weight of 170 gsm, it guarantees a fabric with characteristics of softness, flexibility, lightness and abrasion resistance .

A Ducati half sleeve t-shirt with an attractive design, on a black base is embellished with a stylized flowery heart printed on the front in gray and enriched with the inscription “Let Your Heart Beat Faster” in fluorescent red. Always frontally in the lower left is the Ducati brand in fluo red.
The back of the shirt remains neutral for a more minimalist black design.

For those looking for comfort and style to wear in their free time by Ducati.

Thanks to the high percentage of cotton, the short sleeve shirt for women Ducati Red Shock preserves the body and gives a pleasant sensation in contact with the skin.

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