T-shirt V4 Panigale Ducati Corse Man Red


Ducati Corse T-shirt in 100% cotton in which the technical design in a single color version stands out against the Ducati Corse racing background!

Belonging to the new Ducati 2020 line, the beautiful red Ducati Panigale V4 t-shirt looks like a gear change sanctioned by the V4 Panigale t-shirt. Technical design and Ducati red in a winning combination dedicated to Italian excellence.

A Ducati half sleeve t-shirt with a simple design, based on the racing red that has always distinguished the Borgo Panigale house, in white the technical sketch of the Ducati Panigale V4 stands out, on the left sleeve the Ducati Corse logo is plastisol. The back of the t-shirt, on the other hand, remains neutral for a more minimalist design, interrupted only by a white stripe at shoulder height with the Panigale V4 written in red to identify belonging to the flagship Ducati motorcycle of the red house.

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