T-shirt Ducati WSBK Chaz Davies 7 Kid Black


Belonging to the official Ducati World Superbike Chaz Davies line, the beautiful black t-shirt for kids looks like a true Ducati racing style t-shirt, dedicated to the small fan of Chaz Davies and the World Superbike.

The short-sleeved t-shirt designed directly by Chaz Davies for childrens is made of 100% cotton and is therefore soft and preserves the body, giving a pleasant sensation in contact with the skin.

A Ducati half-sleeved tshirt with a simple design, on a black base is embellished with the Chaz Davies logo printed on the front and with decidedly important dimensions. On the back of the shirt instead the number 7 stands out always on a black background.

3/4y: CH7BBK34 | 5/6y: CH7BBK56 | 7/8y: CH7BBK78 | 9/10y: CH7BBK910
(y = Years)

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