T-shirt Andrea Dovizioso AD04 Red 19 Man

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Belonging to the official 2019 Andrea Dovizioso AD04 collection, the beautiful Dovizioso AD04 Red 19 T-shirt for men looks like a red half-sleeved T-shirt dedicated to the great champion Andrea Dovizioso.

The Dovizioso AD04 t-shirt for men is made of 98% cotton and 2% elastane. It is therefore soft and protects the body from humidity, giving a pleasant sensation in contact with the skin. The small percentage of elastane, giving elasticity to the fabric, allows a perfect adherence to the body, adapting to every movement.

A racing and fashionable design t-shirt, on a red base, features the print of the Italian champion’s race number 04 on the front in an important size. Also on the back of the shirt, at the top under the neck, the number 04 is repeated in a smaller size and the motif with the words “Desmodovi – Made in Forlì” is repeated.

The Desmodovi 04 t-shirt for men and boys, ideal for fans to wear during a MotoGP race to support the great rider from Forlì, or simply for a day with friends in a more casual way.

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